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By Orian98
Guys, I really love Yousician and in my opinion was well worth the premium subscription. I do have one request that would really make my experience much more enjoyable. Give me the opportunity to print out the current song I am working on. I am not always sitting at my computer and I would love the opportunity to be able to practice a song on the road or sitting outside in the sun.

It is my understanding that you limit the interaction of non-premium users; so maybe this would be an option enabled just for premium subscriptions?

Thanks and keep up the great work, love what you are doing!
By pbeens
+1 to the ability to print songs (or view PDF versions) for Premium members.
By jdurand7
I agree, this would be a great feature to have: export to PDF, print the songs :) Great proposition in my opinion!
By threedeweys
I support this suggestion...would love to take my guitar down to the beach and practice outdoors. Give my family who have to listen to me at home a bit of a break!
By Renat0
+1 ! i think it is terrible playing a track if you dont know in wich key it is ! we need the partiture not only the tablature !
By MoonMentor
Just so you know, Yousician is available on mobile devices aswell :) It may not hear every guitar / note perfectly but at least you can put on the practice mode and either view the charts there or play along elsewhere :)
By elbarneso
+1 on being able to print