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By mcbaluski
THEY WILL TRICK YOU AND TAKE YOUR MONEY IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL, PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING/SUBSCRIBING!!! Incredibly shady monthly payment policies designed to keep you paying for an entire year even if you decide to cancel. I downloaded the app and signed up for the 3 month trial. After 3.5 months of practice i finally decided the guitar is just not for me. I went to the website to cancel my subscription and found that they will be charging my card $9.99 a month for a year because I signed up for a "yearly subscription billed monthly", with no option to end the monthly payments. This is an incredibly shady policy and I sincerely feel like I have been tricked and robbed. Due to this policy I have lost all faith in this company. I don't even want a refund for the first month, I just want them to stop charging my card the $9.99/month as I will no longer be using their service. Another company putting their bottom line before the people they are trying to help. If they do the right thing and stop charging me for a service I am no longer using, I will update my review of the app itself which for the right person I believe could be very good.
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