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By jrod_28
Hi everyone my name is Josh. I've been playing my Ibanez acoustic guitar for a couple years now. I haven't had any formal training just picking songs here and there that I like and learning them from video tutorials and looking up tabs. I love this app so far. I look forward to getting really good so I can play for family and friends more and maybe even serenade the lady in my life with some good melodies. Good luck to you all and have fun learning.
By Marverel
Hi there - this is Martin from Germany. Almost 50 years old and I just started learning to play the guitar. Bought a few books, watched many Youtube-Videos, played Rocksmith, tried GuitarBots ... and now I'm here ;)

I think Yousician is a really good learning tool, so I bought prime access for a month and will definitely go for the 1 year plan after that!

Have fun all
By AlexMarco
Hi there I'm Alex. I've been playing guitar for five months already and I was getting a bit borred, but when I joined Yousician it began so cool.
Could anyone tell me how to do our own songs?

Thanks guys.
By Jensugarskull
Hi guys! I'm Jen. I'm a singer and I try to learn guitar for 15 years (it's ridiculous). I always gave up, stopped two or three years tried again, gave up, stopped.... But now I'm on Yousician I practice everyday! (well I'm only level 2 but I believe in miracles :D ).
I'm from France and I leave in London for less than a year. Learning guitar is one of my new life goals!
By Dutch216
Hi fellow Yousicians

My name is Dutch. I'm 37 years old and have been trying to learn guitar for years.

I was born and raised in London, England but live in Calgary, Canada now.

I'm really enjoying the app and it's encouraging me to practice more than I ever have. I'm a perfectionist so I practice every song until I get 3 stars then move on.

Looking forward to being part of this community.

Take care
By Potterz92
Hey guys, I'm quite new at this.Does anyone want to join to play some challenges with Christian songs.
By zed leppelin
Hello, my name is Franz, i'm 33 years old and living in Germany. Startet 2 years ago using Rocksmith but wasn't as fun as i thought. Only played some minutes per week and so i'm still a beginner who can't play any song by himself. But with yousician my motivaton is back and it would be nice to play with you guys. Have fun and add me. Cu
By redreed
Hi all!
When I told my friend at work that I was learning to play guitar, he told me about yousician. But I thought he said Musician, so I didn't find it right away. But then I bought a bass guitar and was surfing for how to tune it when I saw the ad for yousician. So here I am. I like what I see so far, so I purchased a 1 month premium. If I don't flame out before then, I may buy a full year premium. I always want to play Jukebox hero or Rockstar but didn't want To spend money on a guitar with no strings. This app is the answer to my prayers. After day one, I am having a blast. Had to stop because I was exhausted. Can't wIt until tomorrow (Saturday). I think I will turn into fm the phone and lock the door. So excited. I own an acoustic fender crack guitar, a Fender squire J Bass Affinity guitar, an Estoban acoustic electric guitar (Camaro), and a mandolin, and a banjo. I am so confused. LOL. my passion changes from day to day.
By brettvalentine
Hey all, just got my first git three weeks ago.Hope its as much fun as my first harley.Im only 53 years young. I HOPE TO LIVE HARD, RIDE HARD,PLAY HARD AND DIE YOUNG.... In about 100 years or so.
By Hdcycle
Hey everyone, Dave here, I am 51 and am picking up a guitar once again to try and learn to play it. Craigslist score on a Les Paul Special and a Peavey Red stripe Bandit 112 for $100 bucks! This things is LOUD!

My wife of 30 years says I am having a mid-life crisis and I can't get a Motorcycle since I have had them my whole life. LOL. I reside in Sunny Florida.

I have been on Musician for Four days now and am amazed at my progress so far. Musician makes it fun and so much easier than playing scales over and over like I tried to last time. Boring!

Looking forward to acquiring some real skills so I can justify buying a nice guitar. I am a finish carpenter and I have a real appreciation of how beautiful a quality guitar can be.

My Fingertips are sore as all get out right now. Hope that passes soon.
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